Full Tilt Poker is one of the most popular online poker rooms in the world. They have a large volume of poker tables for games to include Texas Hold’em, Razz, Horse, Omaha Hi-Lo, but the action is split with the cash games located at fulltiltpoker.com and play money games located at fulltiltpoker.net. Poker enthusiasts are likely to be most familiar with the Full Tilt brand courtesy of Team Full Tilt,a collection of some of the world’s top popular players that have all signed on as spokespeople for Full Tilt. The concept has been the same at Full Tilt since the beginning, to market it as the site where the best of the best go to play. Some of the most well known players on Team Full Tilt include Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey, Chris Fergusen, Phil Gordon, John Juanda, and Erick Lindgren, but there are many other famous players here. There are over 100 professional players who play at Full Tilt who play a total of over 1600 hours a week, so there’s a very real opportunity to play with the pros on Full Tilt.

However, one of the less obvious benefits from playing at Full Tilt comes from the fact that many players here are relatively new to the game and are learning the ropes after seeing the site’s branding presence on televised poker tournaments. The crowd that is attracted by Full Tilt’s media campaign may prove fertile ground for poker players who’d rather take the chips from the newer players. Because many of the players at Full Tilt are attracted by the world of televised poker, they are playing ring games as if they were in a high stakes tourney. This makes for some loose action at medium stakes games that a player with a solid tight but aggressive style can seriously take advantage of.

All in all, Full Tilt poker offers a range of poker games, plenty of action, and a chance to play with the pros while you build your bankroll on the minnows.